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PRIORI® Adaptive Skincare

: Skin Decoded


Every one of us is unique, and we have different skin on a cellular level. Priori is a new generation of skincare products which are carefully formulated using the latest technology to recognise your individuality.  Priori Skincare products provide your skin with exactly what it needs, exactly when you need it.

Each person’s skin chemistry is different. That’s why “one size fits all” skincare doesn’t work perfectly for you and your unique needs.  Priori is skin science created to respond to your individual environment, nutrition and genetics. Our Adaptive Skincare treatment menu uses products which decode your skin’s individual needs, delivering replenishment, hydration, protection and recovery all day long.  Using remarkable advancements in biotechnology, our formulas respond in real-time to deliver results at the cellular level.

Intelligent: Priori communicates with your skin as it adapts to changing environments.

Bio-technology: Advanced LCA, Q+SOD and DNA formulas deliver treatment at the cellular level.

Real time: Adaptive Skincare works throughout the day to protect and nourish as your skin needs it.

All our Priori facials and Peels are carried out following a skincare consultation and are customised to your individual needs and preferences.


AHA Pre-Peel Prescription Facial

An intensive and relaxing anti-ageing treatment for areas that show the signs of ageing the most, face, neck and décolletage. A results driven treatment that will reduce tension and stress levels as well as brightening and evenly balancing your over-all skin tone. This treatment is an alternative deep cleanse to Skin Renewal Peel using steam which can be beneficial to aid more congested clients that are yet to use the 2 week preparation procedure. This facial can be customised for individual skin types.                                      

60 minutes – £58



An introductory peel that helps balance the skin with noticeable results. Designed to exfoliate, hydrate and even out appearance of the skin. This quick treatment is power-packed with skin enhancing instant results to leave you glowing.

25 minutes – £50

Course of 6* – £270



An advanced peel with powerful but gentle ingredients designed to slough away dead layers of skin by working from within. Power-packed with benefits of Priori’s advanced complexes, this superceutical peel is designed to reboot the skin. Leaves your skin brighter, more plump, restored and hydrated – results you can see and feel! Suitable for all skin types and ideal for clients worried about the irritation of more aggressive peels.

25 minutes – £56

Course of 6* – £302



This prescriptive facial combines the relaxation of a spa facial with the results of a clinical treatment. This is a hands-on, skin enhancing facial which incorporates relaxing massage elements with Priori’s advanced cosmeceutical complexes. A replenishing mask is included to firm, hydrate and exfoliate. Elements of the facial will be customised to your skin’s needs and a gentle peel will be used in consultation with your therapist. You will love the benefits you see with this facial treatment.    

60 minutes – £70



A treatment with the WOW factor that provides dramatic, visible results.  The Priori Superceutical Facial achieves skin rejuvenation with improved elasticity, texture, tone and clarity.  This facial includes advanced peeling techniques to unwrap your skin’s true potential.  It also incorporates a replenishing mask to firm and hydrate, providing an elevated experience with remarkable results.  You will wake from this treatment feeling de-stressed, restored and with youthful, glowing skin.  The ultimate indulgence – with results!

60 minutes – £80


Teenage Correction Facial

A great steam clean facial for unclogging the pores leaving the skin fresher, smoother, balanced and aids in the reduction of acne.

45 minutes – £39


Urban Renewal Facial

A purifying treatment for congested skin helping to regulate and balance the function of the skin. This deep cleanses, rehydrates and regenerates the skin using mild galvanic current and high frequency electrotherapy. Galvanic gels are chosen to treat your individual skin type making Urban Renewal a truly customised treatment.

75 minutes – £63


Urban Eyes

A non-invasive anti-ageing treatment for the eyes. Urban eyes uses salon technology to tighten, tone and smooth the skin around the eyes, widening the eye contour and reducing puffiness & under eye shadows.

25 minutes – £30.00  

Course of 6* – £162

20 minutes – £19 (if added to any facial)


Urban Renewal and Urban Eyes

Combination of the above treatments.

85 minutes – £73

**Please note contra-indications apply to Urban treatments, please ask when booking.


Advanced AHA Smoothing Eye Treatment (All Skin Types)

Designed to provide a fast, visible reduction in the appearance of fine lines in the delicate skin around the eyes. Combines the award winning Smoothing Eye Serum with a unique combination of active ingredients and gentle exfoliating action to deliver fast firming.

25 minutes – £30


Advanced AHA Hydrating Back Treatment

A relaxing yet intensive back treatment that addresses the visible signs of ageing and dehydration by delivering mult-layer skincare therapy. It exfoliates and evens the skin tone while deeply hydratimg at the dermal level. Leaves the skin looking smoother, softer and brighter.

25 minutes – £40

Course of 6* – £210


AHA Back Polish and Moisturise

A relaxing and quick emergency back treatment to soften and brighten the back before a special evening out.

15 minutes – £25


*All courses must be used within 12 months of first booking.