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What is it and what makes it different and unique?  IBX® is the first treatment of its kind – a tough-ener that works inside the nail plate, instead of on top. IBX® is penetrated into the upper layers of the nail using specialised heat lamps that cross-link inside the nail to itself creating an interpenetrating Polymer Network. This is a permanent addition to the nail plate and is the foundation ‘magic’ that encourages natural nail growth and protects nails. IBX® creates a protective shield giving you flexible nails instead of brittle ones.

IBX Nail Treatment

Firstly, the IBX Repair is applied initially to the targeted damaged areas including splits, peeling and free edge delamination. It acts like a ‘double- sided sticky tape’ to seal damaged areas together. A heat lamp is then used to encourage the penetration of the product (similar to how butter melts into warm bread), and then the application of the second stage, IBX Strengthen is applied to the whole nail, cured using a LED lamp. When it is your first treatment, the IBX will be applied twice to the entire nail plate. It is completely invisible afterwards, but continues to work inside the nail to create a supportive scaffolding. If required you can now have an application of a Gel Polish or Nail Varnish. The treatment lasts until your nails grow out. A one-off treatment may be enough, although for very damaged nails, two or three treatments may be needed to restore the nails equilibrium.

30 minutes – £20

Gel Removal and IBX Treatment

Gel Polish removal followed by the IBX Nail Treatment.

45 minutes – £25

IBX add on to Gels

IBX is also an intensive treatment which can be used as a complete protective sheild under any gel colour or regular varnish to improve the nail plate integrity. A full coat of IBX Repair is applied first and acts as the fusion layer before the above is applied. This helps to reduce the ‘white spots’ that sometimes occur on the surface of the natural nail, when the colour is left on for too long.

15 minutes – £10

Polish add on

IBX treatment followed by your choice of Nail Varnish.

15 minutes – £5