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We use a depilatory warm treatment wax that progressively weakens the hair growth making re-growth finer, softer and slower. Warm wax is applied with a spatula in a thin film and removed with a strip. A Tea Tree soothing and cooling afterwax moisturiser is applied to treated areas leaving it feeling soft, supple and moisturised.

*Please note that for waxing to be effective, hairs should be approximately ¾” in length and free from body moisturiser on the day of the treatment. For intimate waxing we advise to shower or bathe before arrival for treatment.  Cotton underwear is advised on the day for intimate waxing.

*No AHA or BHA products or Retinol/Vitamin A skincare should be used for 48 hours prior to waxing as these can cause dryness, peeling, and irritation of the skin being waxed.

*No heat treatments, self tanning or swimming should be carried out within 24 hours of a waxing treatment.

*Do use a body exfoliator or mitt to gently exfoliate the skin a few days before waxing, gentle exfoliation helps to slough off the dead skin cells and lifts off the hair for better waxing results. Ideally this should be done regularly between appointments to keep pesky ingrown hairs at bay!


Working at a slightly higher temperature hot wax is designed to open up the pores and shrink-wrap around the hair follicle, removing it from the root without pulling at the skin.  It is applied by being spread with a spatula along the skin and once dried in a few seconds, it is easily removed by lifting the corner and pulled against the hair grain. Hot wax is suitable for waxing small sensitive areas or thicker hair for intimate areas of waxing. A Tea Tree soothing and cooling afterwax moisturiser is applied to treated areas.

£6 extra each per intimate area

Full Leg £31
Full Leg and Standard Bikini £47
Half Leg £23
Upper Half Leg £24
Half Leg, Standard Bikini and Underarm £47
¾ Leg   £27
Standard Bikini £18
High Bikini £24


(When the hair is removed from the pubic area leaving a strip of hair 1″ wide up and over the pubic area.)


Extended Brazilian  

(When the hair is removed from the pubic area leaving a strip of hair 1″ wide up and over the pubic area including the undercarriage.)



(When all hair is removed from the pubic area.)

Abdomen/Hands & Fingers £8
Underarm £12
Forearms    £23
Eyebrows £11
Upper Lip/Chin £11
Nostrils £10
Upper Lip and Chin   £18
Full Face  £22
Ears £15
Back/Chest   £37

Term-Epil Treatment

Term-Epil was conceived over 20 years ago by Swiss scientists, with continued development and research, they have created the industry’s leading hair retardant lotion, a reputation gained from the results it has achieved. The Swiss have a very technical, biochemical approach to the qualities of this product and we can say since using it over the past 15 years we have seen some excellent results.

It is applied immediately after Waxing and then twice a day for the next 3 days. Term-Epil reduces the size of the next hair growth cycle by preventing new hair cells from joining together, whilst also destroying the hair reproductive system. The key ingredients are Glycolic Extracts of Lemon, Nettle and Willow for their small molecular size and ability to absorb down into the follicle and break down those new forming cells. It also contains Arnica extract to calm and soothe your skin.  Home care products are available to purchase, speak to your therapist about these.

Per area £4 – £10